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​Healing the inner child

Inner child healing, along with other holistic methods, is powerful in healing because it helps us uncover past experiences that have shaped our behavior and are holding us back in our current lives.


Once we face these experiences, and feel strong self-love, we then proceed to heal the wounds of that past with the other holistic methods included in the programs and create new opportunities for growth.


That is why it is critical that you have support and guidance on this healing journey to achieve the complete transformation and well-being uniquely created in my programs.

​What these sessions will do for you:


You will understand and balance the inner balance of the child and the adult You

You will connect with your inner child

You will heal the inner child

You will heal childhood traumas

You will also heal other traumas

It will boost your confidence

You will get rid of emotional blockages

You will find the root cause and the significant points from your childhood that affect the rest of your life

They will help you to alleviate past traumas and create an understanding of unhealthy programming so that it can be released.

They will help you understand and connect with people on a deeper level.


In order to heal wounds, especially deep-seated wounds that we are not aware of, we must explore all the different parts of who we are. In doing so, we truly learn to nurture, love, heal and grow.

We were all little children once. Each of us grew and learned from our role models, parents, guardians, educators and from our own experiences. Experiences are different. There are beautiful ones when we laughed out loud, we were happy, we danced, we sang, but also the less beautiful and traumatic ones.

The experiences we had in the first 3 years shape our way of experiencing the world, people, ourselves.

Is security important to us, are we distrustful, possessive in the relationship, shy, self-confident, jealous...? We don't even remember most of the experiences from our earliest years, but our neurology remembers every emotion that overwhelmed us.


Experiences that have been repeated many times leave behind repressed emotions that we can carry within us to this day. Those experiences can be those that made us feel beautiful, valuable, content, happy, smart, stable, loved, or those that made us feel the opposite. Both shape our experience of reality, the only question is which of them we have had more of.


If you are not sure what experiences dominated your earliest childhood, consider what life is like for you? Fight, Play, Love, Anxiety or...?


These records can lead to depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive behavior, useless habits, addictions, extreme behaviors, and even chronic illnesses. Also, various unhealthy relationships, misunderstandings with parents, children, partner, can be the cause of raw emotions and experiences.

You are the sum total of everything you have ever been. Because of this, you are merged into one energetic being called You.


How do you know if your inner child is hurt?

How does this affect the present?

Each of us processes emotions in our own way and manifests different symptoms, but if you have any of these symptoms, it might be a good idea to reevaluate what your inner child is like:


You are often emotionally unbalanced

You lack confidence

You feel that you are not valuable enough

You are dealing with eating disorders

Self harm


You have a problem with self-esteem and setting boundaries

Eating disorders

You have a bad self image

Disturbances in intimacy

You have bouts of passive or active aggression

You feel like a victim

You are preoccupied with achieving great things

Too big an ego

Obsessive behavior

Chronic anxiety or fear

Unhealthy relationships with others

Making bad decisions



How do I not know it happened?


To begin with, you were a child. Plus, we know that we don't have a conscious memory of everything that happened to us, but everything is stored in our unconscious memory, where the inner child lives. That's the part we're going to link to. The inner child is there to serve you as a parent.

Heal the child in you! Select a program.

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

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