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​Reiki with other holistic methods

"Though the world is full of suffering,

it is also full of overcoming them.'

Practice shows that Reiki works great when combined with other holistic methods. In these programs Reiki energy significantly accelerates the transformation process.

When we are in a state of anxiety, we need to bring ourselves to a point of peace and balance of mind, body and emotions, so that we can create the most diverse possibilities and options. Reiki manages to do it the fastest. and that is exactly why it has a special place in my practice and I regularly recommend it in combination with other methods.


With the help of Reiki, the client becomes relaxed, energized and ready to bravely walk the path of his transformation.


"Any answer you need,

lie in your own silence.'

This is exactly the reason why I also created special booster programs for spiritual strengthening that combine holistic techniques with energy treatments and meditation.

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Calm your mind. Change your life.

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