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My Reiki CV

Reiki treatments offer a pathway to restoring health, integrity, and success in one's life. This gentle and pleasant approach works holistically, addressing all important areas of life. Whether received in person or remotely, Reiki has the ability to heal the body, emotions, mind, spirit, and even karma, resulting in numerous beneficial effects such as relaxation, inner peace, security, and overall well-being. By releasing physical and emotional blockages, Reiki brings the body into harmonious balance. It serves as a key to unlocking our own innate perfection by addressing the root causes and removing their effects, ultimately leading to profound relaxation.


Reiki has demonstrated success as an aid in the treatment of various diseases and always yields positive results. It can be combined with other medical and therapeutic techniques to alleviate side effects and support easier recovery.


Here are some notable improvements reported by individuals who have experienced Reiki treatments:


1. Swift pain relief and quicker scar healing after eye surgery

2. Overcoming fear of dogs, transitioning from extreme fear to comfortably playing with dogs on the street

3. Healing of animals, particularly dogs and cats

4. Regulation of menstrual cycles and relief from lower abdominal pain, breast cysts, and ovarian cysts

5. Balancing of thyroid hormone levels

6. Providing aid during various emergencies, even after an epileptic attack

7. Assistance in quitting smoking

8. Enhanced energy supplement for athletes undergoing rigorous training

9. Treatment of joint injuries caused by falls or scratches, both in amateur and sports settings

10. Support during and after childbirth for postpartum recovery

11. Healing after abortion

12. Alleviation of migraines

13. Reduction of tension, fear, and worries

14. Support for renal anomalies

15. Relief from lower back, spinal, and back pain

16. Addressing mental causes of ailments

17. Effective work with children and babies to alleviate symptoms such as colds, fevers, pain, and insect bites 18. Assistance in tapering off antidepressant medication

19. Promoting skin healing

20. Aid in prostate-related issues

21. Support for heart problems

2. Knee treatments with water, resulting in reduced pain within a month and a half

23. Assistance in conception

24. Boosting energy levels

25. Regulation of digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and liver health

26. Effective treatment for burns

27. Facilitating acceptance of one's own femininity

28. Healing of family relationships

29. Regulation of sleep patterns to address insomnia

30. Assisting in managing a baby's nighttime crying

31. Support for managing anemia, among other conditions


The primary focus of Reiki is not merely on addressing the effects, but rather delving into the root causes of ailments.

With heartfelt love, Mai Rei

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Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

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