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Master methods are actually the deepest and best methods for deep healing of a person.

These are different techniques that I use in my programs for deep personal transformation.

These methods offer guidance to the client through a deep process of uncovering the causes that create the current consequences and together we separate them, experiencing great liberation.

Here are some Methods / Techniques that I use in my programs, of course depending on the problem and the condition of each client separately:

Meridian, Emotional and Thought Therapy -  a technique that surpasses TFT and EFT therapies in terms of effectiveness and consistency, as it focuses on the deeper layers of the mind and extracting the underlying burden of the problem.

Technique for eliminating chronic (permanent) and difficult problems

A technique for discovering and integrating primordial polarities or personal codes. By identifying and resolving these deep-seated opposing forces, profound transformation is facilitated in the individual, leading to lasting change and personal growth in one's life.

A technique that penetrates the "metastructures" of the mind, acting on the roots and negative beliefs that create the problem. This approach results in a new level of effectiveness and makes the benefits of therapy sessions stable and lasting.

​An entity work technique which is a spiritual and therapeutic system for solving one's problems by identifying and communicating with entities (separate conscious beings that exist within the individual). Such an approach can be very useful and can solve the problem very quickly, when the client understands his problem as something that is separate from him. This allows the integration or departure of entities.

Transdimensional breathing technique through which participants achieve various mental states of ascension and higher levels of perception of themselves and the universe. Through this technique one can experience healing, glowing light in different colors, perceive other dimensions, parallel realities and even past lives.

The power of words to create desired changes and resolve problems and conflicts. The choice of words we use can lead to a deeper understanding of how we function, and with simple modifications we can resolve the problems and conflicts that plague us.

Techniques for creating personalized healing meditations, according to the client's need and condition

Other techniques...

With these TECHNIQUES you get:

Relief from stress and anxiety

Healing on all levels

Clear insights into personal life experiences

Concentration, memory and focus

Confidence, strength and courage

Inner peace, tranquility and well-being

Increasing and stabilizing energy in the system

Balancing and harmonizing

Harmony of thoughts, emotions and spirit

Focus on life solutions

Deep transformation and

Much, much more

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

Calm your mind. Change your life.

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