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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy (also known as past life regression hypnotherapy) is a therapy that uses hypnosis to induce a trance state that allows you to access your subconscious and experience past memories.

Many people are confused or worried about hypnosis. Hypnosis is only a level of relaxation that the client will enter into and the level of relaxation can vary throughout the session. Hypnosis is the same as meditation. In fact, it is a small shift in consciousness that we enter hundreds of times every day.

Past life research helps deepen your self-awareness and can offer insight into unexplained issues in this life.

Regression simply means – going back in time. So I would regress the client back to events in this life or past lives. As mentioned earlier, this is where the real work begins. Most hypnotherapists fear regression, but if done right, it can shift hundreds and thousands of years of problems and energy. What's more rewarding than that?


Regression therapy, when used in conjunction with other holistic techniques, is effective in healing because it helps us uncover and deal with past experiences. After facing these experiences, the question becomes “what do we do next with this newfound insight?” and so it is important to have guidance and support to navigate this journey of problem-freedom.

Regression should be undertaken when:

- we have problems that we cannot solve in any way,
- we constantly repeat situations in life, for example: we get fired, all our businesses fail, all our relationships end...
- we have a strained or dependent relationship with a close person, parent, partner, brother or sister...
- we do not feel like living or we have the feeling that we do not belong to this time
- we don't know our life purpose and which profession we could choose
- we are not sure about the choice of partner, job or place of residence
- fears are implanted in us that we cannot explain to ourselves in a normal way,
- we are troubled by questions about failure in love or failure at work,
- intense health problems or fear of death
- when we want to work on ourselves in terms of spiritual building.

Brief clarification:

When a client experiences a past life, it is completely in the subconscious. This is very different from childhood memories or even being in the womb, where people can have a conscious memory of where they were at certain times. However, when you are in a past life, you are here in subconscious memories. Thus, the client may experience their memories differently than they experienced childhood or womb memories.

Some people experience future lives, parallel lives, escapes to other planets, lives in other dimensions. Some people visit the spiritual side. Some people explore past events in this life that will have special meaning for their current circumstances.


Each experience is unique to the individual and unlimited in its scope. Regression centers on the concept that the client, when relaxed into the Theta state through visualization, will go to the "most appropriate time and place" to answer any healing requests or answers to current life questions.

If a client cannot experience a past life, it means that they have work to do in this life before they can access their past life memories.

In one regression session, the client can go through 1-3 past lives.
The client lies, with closed eyes, covered with a scarf, and sees and emotionally relives images from past lives. At the same time, self-awareness is not lost. It's like the state before falling asleep, when images move before our eyes, and we haven't fallen asleep yet.

The method is safe and very pleasant. After regression therapy, work with other holistic methods follows, for action, balancing and integration.

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Less stress all year round! | Get a quote now

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