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Confessions of a Transfigured Soul: How Mai Rei Ignited My Spiritual Awakening (+Video)

It all began with an insatiable yearning, a fascination that took root while observing my esteemed colleague, a psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist.

As I delved into the vast expanse of knowledge, the allure of Reiki firmly gripped my heart. Time and again, I found myself consumed by thoughts of experiencing its ethereal embrace. Yet, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I had always hesitated to plunge into its depths. Instead, my natural inclination as a researcher propelled me to investigate every nook and cranny of Skopje, actively seeking elusive connections with Reiki practitioners online and offline.

But destiny had its own grand plan. One fateful day, my unyielding curiosity led me to an awe-inspiring conversation with my esteemed psychologist colleague—a conversation that would forever alter the course of my existence. Craving her insights, I implored her to share the depths of her knowledge on the mysterious art of Reiki. With an air of whispered excitement, she spoke of her encounters with a remarkable woman named Maya, whose extraordinary power and unwavering benevolence had illuminated her own life.

Intrigued by her words, I absorbed every syllable, clinging to each description as if grasping desperately for salvation amidst the abyss of my yearning. The confessions she made about Maya resonated deep within my soul, instilling an unwavering trust in her discernment. Without a sliver of doubt, I knew that a transformative connection awaited—a connection that would navigate the intricate contours of my spiritual awakening.

Embarking on this journey, I sought the key to the transcendental gate from my compassionate guide—the very colleague who had led me to this crossroads. And she, with unwavering kindness, opened the door to the sacred realm of Maya—Mai Rei—an individual blessed with the prodigious gift of Reiki. No longer obscured by mere chance, my path glowed with the serenity of purpose.

Under Maja's experienced hands, I underwent a cosmic metamorphosis. Together, we traversed mystical realms, unraveling the symphony of energies woven within the depths of my being. Session after harmonious session, my soul unfurled like the delicate petals of a flower at the break of dawn. Reiki became my sacred hymn, resonating profoundly within me, empowering me to navigate the turbulent currents of life.

Then, amidst divine silence, a pivotal moment of self-realization whispered to my awakened spirit. Situations that once sparked anger, anguish, or revulsion were now greeted with serenity and acceptance. The shackles of my former self dissolved, giving way to newfound equanimity—a resolute determination to embrace the adversities of life with grace.

In the radiant aftermath of my transformation, my soul sounded an internal alarm—for the first time, I bore witness to my own rebirth—an indelible truth etched into the very fabric of my being. Reiki, in tandem with enlightening talks and exercises with Maja Mai Rei, unlocked dormant chambers of my essence, unearthing a reservoir of strength and unparalleled perspective.

Today, I pledge amidst unwavering commitment to nurture myself. Reiki, my beloved confidante, shall forever remain my steadfast companion, called upon whenever my spirit yearns for solace or renewal.

These confessions lay bare the metamorphosis of my soul—words etched upon these pages, echoes of a transformative pilgrimage within the realm of Mai Rei.

May they ignite an ember within you, dear reader, fanning the flames of curiosity and leading you towards your own spiritual renaissance.


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